Matt The Electrician’s “Got Your Back” (exclusive preview of upcoming album)

Want to hear a music blogger’s wet dream? Here it is:

An artist that you love emails you out of the blue announcing a new song from an as yet unnamed new release. They kind of like your blog and would like you to have an exclusive. If that’s OK with you. Um….yeah.

This is what happened recently when I received an email from Austin singer-songwriter Matt The Electrician. That said, it’d all be irrelevant if the song didn’t cut it but “Got Your Back” does.

Matt played all the instruments on the new record including the horns, ukulele and I assume the whistling on “Got Your Back”. “Got Your Back” is a simple but powerful love song about two people who are there for each other. I hear it as a song about about fidelity and faithfulness; two traits that we’re learning are harder to come by in this sexed-up, post spitzer-hooker world.

Matt’s got some other good news (kind of along the Music 3.0 lines) he’s had a song placed in an upcoming episode of Eli Stone. So tune in Thursday April 10th and listen for the song “Valedictorian”. I’d recommend picking up Matt’s last record One Thing Right here in the interim.

Got Your Back

3 Responses to “Matt The Electrician’s “Got Your Back” (exclusive preview of upcoming album)”

  1. Kevin says:

    Or an artist who thanks you for posting a blog on them, because a fellow blogger linked the post which brought more heads to my blog and more heads to Karine Polwart’s website. Thanks for the earlier link Craig and thank you for this track. I ordered the his prior CD today.

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