Miscellaneous Thursday (Chris Mills, Kris Delmhorst, Hayes Carll)

Former Chicagoan and all around good guy Chris Mills has a new record coming out on April 22 on Ernest Jennings called Living In the Aftermath. I wrote a little about it here on Transmission. Here’s the link to the new song. Much like the record title this song is a little darker than material on Living The Dream but the power pop quotient is still very high.

Atom Smasher [Download]

Bonus song from Living the Dream:

Living The Dream [Download]


Hayes Carll (wrote about the new record here) somehow wrangled (perfect word for this Texan, don’t ya think?) the free iTunes song of the week. The song they chose makes sense too since it’s the slightly funny, slightly novelty tune “She Left Me For Jesus”. Link to the free mp3 on iTunes here.

I Got A Gig [Download]
from Trouble In Mind

Kris Delmhorst has a new record called Shotgun Singer out on April 22 on Signature Sounds. From what I’ve heard it’s a great disappointment to me. I don’t blame Kris though, as I think her producer, Sam Kassirer from the Josh Ritter band, added too much to the mix. The elements they’ve added to her once pure voice and guitar style are distracting and obfuscating. Her voice has been put through the ringer with overdubs, layering and compression nearly ruining it’s once pure clarity. Musically they’ve added lots of bells and whistles as well, but these sounds don’t seem organic or even necessary.

Hear it for yourself though here or here.

Here’s the title track “Shotgun Singer” performed with Redbird without all the muss and fuss:

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