Two Fingers Of Firewater travel the same “Endless Highway” as The Byrds, Gram Parsons and Wilco (Self-released, May 26)

Someone wrote the other day that Songs:Illinois is the defacto blog for Americana. I liked that, but I’m not sure if it’s quite true. The songs I post and artists I review don’t all fit into the neat and tidy definition of Americana (at least how it’s defined by radio and magazines like No Depression RIP).

I’m really more on the hunt for music that seems genuine, honest and unpretentious and not music that fits into any one category. Two Fingers of Firewater fit the bill. They’re a UK based band that cites The Byrds, The Band, Kings Of Leon, Yo La Tengo and Wilco as influences. So that’s a pretty diverse bunch. And since the UK has brought us two of the best roots rock bands of the last few years (The Broken Family Band and The Tailors) I’m pretty excited by this find.

The band has a new album, their debut, that has leaked out prior to its May 26 release date. You can buy it here in the states from CD Baby.

The song “Endless Highway” does have that classic Americana sound especially with its heavy use of pedal steel and the classic imagery of a highway, beer, and a setting sun.

Endless Highway [Download]

3 Responses to “Two Fingers Of Firewater travel the same “Endless Highway” as The Byrds, Gram Parsons and Wilco (Self-released, May 26)”

  1. Vantika says:

    My two cents – your blog is the finest source for unique Americana I’ve found. I’ve discovered quite a few solid acts here.

  2. Sara says:

    Hello, I’m working on a project and could use some help. While I scoured your blog for an email address I could not find one. If you could email me at saradevil at g mail . com I would appreciate it. The project includes Win Stracke, and I know you are the kind of person who would understand.

  3. boyhowdy says:

    Though I agree that your scope is larger than “pure” Americana (as if there were such a thing, in a universe of hybridization), I don’t think it’s wrong to suggest that, when it comes to Americana, you get it right pretty damn often.

    “Defacto blog FOR Americana” allows for that, I think. The fact that I’ll keep coming back for the roots rock, indie-folk, and singer-songwriter music, too, just means there’s more to authentic, acoustic, honest music than Americana these days. And hoorah for THAT, eh?