What Everyone Else Was Saying – Music Blog Roundup

(“fat bat man” by Anthony Lister)

Wow someone else has written about Old Man Luedecke, imagine that! In this case it’s the newish canadian mp3 blog A Limerick Ox.

To The Dogs Or Whoever has the lovely, enchanting English folk of Karine Polwart.

Another very new blog (with a very clean layout – I’m jealous) called A Free Man (with the subtitle “Simply Music”) has another song from that Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles record I wrote about a while back.

Bring Me Up has the overly polished, but catchy piano pop of Justin Hopkins.

One Response to “What Everyone Else Was Saying – Music Blog Roundup”

  1. A Free Man says:

    Hey there – thanks for the shout out. I like your site – good content. I’m blogrolling you. All the best, Chris.