New EP “Nation of Heat” from Joe Pug (plus video of Gary Louris doing “True Blue”)

It would almost be impossible for me not to post the music of Joe Pug. He fits the Songs:Illinois demographic so well it’s like some computer program spat him out. He’s young, he’s just releasing his debut, he writes poetic songs, he lives in Chicago (for goodness sake), is clearly influenced by Dylan/
Young/Springsteen and has a record release show coming up at Schubas.

His debut EP is called Nation Of Heat and is being released on May 13. I’m sure you can pick one up at the Schubas show on the 3rd however.

On both the songs below Joe eschews verse/chorus/verse and instead lets loose a barrage of stream of consciousness that somehow is devoid of pretension and cliche.

Nation Of Heat [Download]

Hymn 101 [Download]


I’m going to follow up MOKB’s exclusive Gary Louris video with one of my own. Here’s Gary performing the title track from his solo lp True Blue at Southern Theater in Minneapolis. The sound, video, performance and song are all superb.

“True Blue”

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