Joel Rafael’s protest song – “This Is My Country” (so unlike that Mellencamp jingoistic Chevy ad joke-of-a-song)

Joel Rafael released a record on Inside Recordings (Jackson Browne) earlier this spring. I’ve only just heard of it so I think maybe it may be getting a slightly wider release this summer. Joel Rafael has written a great protest song on the new record that clearly refers back to his idol Woody Gutherie. He also covers two of Steve Earl’s more political songs, as well as getting some help from contemporaries like David Crosby and Graham Nash on backing vocals.

This song deserves to be heard in this election season and I imagine the whole record would be great especially for fans of Steve Earle, Neil Young, and Woody Gutherie.

This Is My Country [Download]

“This Is My Country” video

One Response to “Joel Rafael’s protest song – “This Is My Country” (so unlike that Mellencamp jingoistic Chevy ad joke-of-a-song)”

  1. Adult says:

    What is so funny to me is people like this artist are so full of antiwar protests. The fact of the matter is people will not live in peace period!!!! Look at history for crap sakes. Peace has existed only through the threat of force. Just as there will always be criminals in society there will always be nations that will behave in the same manner. No one likes the law (other than lawyers of course) but without it there is anarchy. If the US is not the world's policeman then who else will step up to the plate? The UN is worthless (again look at history). Peace and love is really just apathy and apeasement and the result was world war two. The death toll in middle east to date, does not even come close to the number of deaths in one battle of WW2. Instead of singing protest songs why don't you get off your self rightous butt and work in a soup kitchen or spend some time with an inner city youth or pick up trash in a neighborhood. These things make a difference, whinning about why war exists does not. There will alway be war just like there will always be floods and earthquakes. No one likes it but it is a fact that you must learn to live with. So to sum things up: SHUT UP AND GROW UP!