Kirsty Mcgee’s “Vaudebilly”

(ahh I used to love that comic)

How I couldn’t have heard of Kirsty McGee is beyond me. Well, now that I’ve found her she may very well take the place of Holy Cole, Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega and Madeline Peyroux in my cd collection. This British chanteuse has a fondness for Kansas City meets New Orleans jazz and has the pipes of Billie Holiday. In this day and age it’s an odd, completely noncommercial, combination – making this all the more daring and lovable.

She’s calling her style “vaudebilly”. I think that’s a nice summation of her influences. Here are two songs from her upcoming album The Kansas Session. You can attempt to pre-order this through the artist’s mailorder site Hoboshop here.

Bonecrusher [Download]

Sandman [Download]

Bonus tracks

Killer Wasps [Download]

P.S. My alter ego (or is it split personality?) Swedesplease is thrilled with new music from Detektivbyrän.

4 Responses to “Kirsty Mcgee’s “Vaudebilly””

  1. Ping says:

    Wow ! truly original. What a caressing voice. Sandman is knocking me off !

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  3. Craig says:

    I know, right?!

  4. Kirsty McGee says:

    Hello, I'm delighted you like the tracks you've heard from the new album. We've been sitting on the record since December when we returned from Kansas, and believe me, we're itching for the release date to come round! It's great to hear that people are liking the tracks that we've sneaked out there for you!…If you want to find out more about our plans, you can myspace us on or visit the website at
    Many thanks for your interest and do keep spreading the word!
    Kirsty x