Lawrence’s The Roselines – New Record “Lust For Luster”

A Songs:Illinois post can be a small blessing or a kiss of death. Take for instance my 2006 post on the Lawrence, Kansas band The Roselines. A quick search of shows that my post didn’t generate any other coverage and is in fact the only one ever for the band. Too bad, too, since this band continues to solidify it’s intelligent, earthy songwriting and americana vibe.

The band’s new record is called Lust For Luster and the only criticism I can dig up is perhaps it’s a bit too oblique, but in this day and age of “blog bands” that skip to the oversimplified chorus before the first verse this is more cause for celebration than concern. Get the new record here at Miles Of Music, it’s one of their “It’s A Cracker ” picks meaning it’s a 100% guaranteed.

Lions [Download]

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  1. craig says:

    I made a slight backend change at WordPress which erased all yer fine comments. Don't be shy if you comment they'll show up and hopefully remain from now til eternity.

  2. Thanu says:

    you're not the only one, my post came just after i read yours :
    great band