Pokey Lafarge – “Beat, Move, Shake” (Big Muddy Records, July 21)

Pokey Lafarge is the real deal. How do I know this, you ask? Well just look at his MySpace touring schedule. For the last few years he’s been on the go playing every fish fry, coffeehouse, and viaduct from here to California and back again. Anybody that plays that many dates at such out of the way and unique venues has got to be serious about his music.

Pokey’s new record comes out July 21 and is called Beat, Move, and Shake (if you wonder why, just check out the video for the first single “Mr Nobody” and try to restrain that knee from knocking).

Beat, Move, and Shake is on a small label from St. Louis called Big Muddy Records. The song the label sent me is the most “country” sounding one on the disc, it’s also about Illinois so it was a bit of a no brainer. Expect the rest of the songs to be some sort of odd mix of folk, old timey, jugband, ragtime, showtunes and blues. Sounds perfect, don’t it!

Cairo, Illinois [Download]

“Mr Nobody”

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  1. amoryblaine says:

    I used to see Pokey (I knew him as Sloppy) play in a short-lived, but far from forgettable bluegrass band in Madison, WI called the Schwillbillies. Pokey played a hell of a mandolin, but I never knew he had such great songs in him as a solo artist. I was concerned that he'd been run over by a train or greyhound bus since the last time I saw them play, so glad to see that he's still out on the trail.