The Duhks – “Face Paced World (August 19, Sugarhill Records)

This weekend we headed out to Six Flags Great America. We had a great time going on every roller coaster my 7 year old could tolerate (and a few he couldn’t)! As a result the usually stellar writing you’ve become acquainted to at S:I may suffer this week. But as I’ve said before the music will always sparkle.

The Duhks have a new record, Fast Paced World, coming out August 19 on Sugarhill. The band has been hailed as one of those at the forefront of the new folk movement. From what I’ve heard and from this one song the band is exploring more unusual sounds and song styles. There’s a a certain world music/gypsy sound that the band is flirting with that I like very much. Expect a bunch of traditionalists to become even more dismayed than usual about the band’s new sound.

You can hear this newly refined sound on the song “This Fall” below.
Pre-order the new record here.

This Fall [Download]

6 Responses to “The Duhks – “Face Paced World (August 19, Sugarhill Records)”

  1. Ping says:

    Brilliant !!!

  2. ryan says:

    Nice, I like, reminds me a little of St. Vincent…but I feel the singer is on the verge of yelling at the end, which bothers me a little.

  3. Jim Haas says:

    Tom Waitsian. Nice.

  4. Craig says:

    where'd all you guys come from?!?

  5. Fiddlefreak says:

    also see my recent blog post on Fiddlefreak.


  6. Ping says:

    Montréal south suburbs, Québec. You're doing a great job Craig ! thanks !