The Smittens – “The Coolest Thing About Love” (HHBTM, July 29)

This is shaping up to be a delightfully strange week on S:I. The music that will be featured is seemingly going to come from every part of the globe (yesterday the UK by way of Kansas, today Vermont, tomorrow Australia) and is going to be as distinct and original as it is varied and unique.

Everyone (and when I say everyone I mean Matt at Skatterbrain) has been writing about the new record from the Vermont based twee supergroup The Smittens. The band released the video for the single “Gumdrops” earlier in the week and now a few mp3′s have slipped onto the ethernet.

The new record is called The Coolest Thing About Love and is out now on HHBTM. The record will be proudly displayed at every indie pop online mailorder site and will soon be written about gushingly on twee forums and newsgroups. The “problem” is that the band (probably by accident) learned to play their guitars and sing in harmony and in key making them ever so slightly un-twee. The band’s sound also owes more to the sugar coated early rock `n’ roll of the 50′s than anything Belle and Sebastian or Tullycraft (despite Sean from Tullycraft contributing to the new record) has released. This “problem” hopefully will expose the band to more than just the few rabid, Cloudberry loving, ice cream eating, cardigan wearing, indie pop fans out there.

Something Sassy [Download]

Gumdrops [Download]

2 Responses to “The Smittens – “The Coolest Thing About Love” (HHBTM, July 29)”

  1. carrie says:

    Sean Tullycraft appears on the album?

  2. Craig says:

    I thought I read that somewher but I could be wrong, worse than that though I linked to the wrong homepage

    For more info go to

    I can't fix anything now as i'm at the dolphin show at my local zoo…I know how very twee of me!