Blue/Newgrass Tuesday with Red Molly plus wtf – Howard Wolfson on indie rock (plus plus George Wirth)

I’ve been including a newgrassy song each and every week for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s The Duhks or Crooked Still or even The Felice Brothers I’ve tried to be a proponent of this style of music for the last few years. So now I feel like I can’t ignore this genre and the once weekly feature.

Red Molly’s new cd Love and Other Tragedies has been out since May but I’ve only just heard it. You can pick it up now through Amazon here. “Wichita” is a nice cover of the Gilian Welch tune of the same name.

Wichita [Download]


The LA Times did a piece on former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman Howard Wolfson. Surprisingly it had little to do with politics and more to do with his love of indie rock. We’re all music snobs here, right? We all think we’ve got better taste than our friends, our enemies, and certainly any talking heads on TV. So it hurts me to say this but that dude’s got some pretty fine taste in music. His music blog is still young (Gotham Acme) but it came out of the gate nicely formed (the header’s got cool and original art, cool blogroll, and a working search function). He covers some tired ground in posts about TV On The Radio and Grizzly Bear but makes up for it with posts on BLK, Francois Breut, and Kelly McRae. Also any mention of The Feelies is always appreciated by me.


George Wirth has a song on the new Red Molly cd. If the music business was a fair and balanced competition, where the best songs come out on top, you’d have probably have heard of NJ’s George Wirth by now. But if this is your first time enjoy these two songs from his debut.

Eisenhower, 1952 [Download]

Snowing In Jeruselum [Download]

One Response to “Blue/Newgrass Tuesday with Red Molly plus wtf – Howard Wolfson on indie rock (plus plus George Wirth)”

  1. Dude says:

    I think Wolfson is pretty cool. I don't like his politics but when he's on TV he's a straight shooter. His taste in music is a little too untwangy, though. That's probably why he's a Democrat, I suppose…