Honky-Tonk Friday (one day early) with Gin Palace Jesters

I’m staying in my own backyard for this week’s “Honky-Tonk Friday”. The Gin Palace Jesters are a Chicago based group of honky-tonk hillbillys. They’ve got a couple fine records out that by and large feature their own original songs about drinking, hillbilly love, and broken hearts. I’m impressed with the band’s ability to navigate between 50′s rockibilly, western swing, and hardcore country.

The band opens up for Dale Watson at Fitzgerald’s on Sept 5. Buy their new record Roadhouse Riot…And Other Songs With Words here.

Losing Her Memory [Download]

Goody Glumdrops [Download]

Bonus songs:

Lover Not a Fighter [Download]

Pomade On My Pillow [Download]

2 Responses to “Honky-Tonk Friday (one day early) with Gin Palace Jesters”

  1. Elise says:

    I'm excited to hear them!

  2. ldp says:

    Promises to be a great show! What a bill.