Honky-Tonk Friday (UK Edition) A Southern Folk Opera By Lee’s Company

Don’t ask me where I find this stuff cause I honestly don’t know. Just thank me in the comments;) Seriously, a folk opera of the old South by a band out of the UK, how cool is that? On the song “Southern Boys” it sounds like Joe Strummer meets Charlie Daniels and you know that can’t be bad. The band is called Lee’s Company and the new record is White Mansions.

Buy the new record here.

Southern Boys [Download]

Last Dance And The Kentucky Racehorse [Download]

3 Responses to “Honky-Tonk Friday (UK Edition) A Southern Folk Opera By Lee’s Company”

  1. Lynchie says:

    “White Mansions” was originally released in 1978 and featured the mighty Waylon Jennings as one of the vocalists along with his wife Jesse Colter. I think Levon Helm had a hand in the album as well. You can still pick it up in bargain bins now and again. Worth a listen…


  2. Craig says:

    Thanks I had no idea!

  3. ccstirkjr says:

    Brilliant simply brilliant …