New song/album from O’death (Kemado, Oct. 28)

O’death has finally lived up to it’s ominous name with the first track off their new CD Broken Hymns, Skin, and Limbs . The record, the band’s third, is said to be a little dark and from this one song I can see why. It certainly reminds one of “Country Death Song” by the Violent Femmes or lyrically something like “Delia’s Gone” by Johnny Cash or even the crazed bluegrass from Deliverance. Pretty heady comparisons I know, but is there a better band in the country playing this style of possessed, Appalachian folk-punk?

You can pre-order the new record here or here.

“Delia’s Gone”

“Country Death Song”

2 Responses to “New song/album from O’death (Kemado, Oct. 28)”

  1. GuitarGala says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome band live. That is if you are into good music and drunken craziness.

  2. Cool Noise says:

    I see you and me both think of Country Death Song when we listen to the album. I think it is slightly weak on vocals but the overall music is stunning. It has made me go deeper and deeper into Southern Gothic (or whatever genre people categorise it as) for the past month. I'm working my way back to Bluegrass (challenging for a non-American).