New songs/demo’s from Ed Laurie’s “Meanwhile In The Park (Dangerbird Records, Oct. 2)

The blogosphere was in a bit of a tizzy a month back with the announcement of the debut record from UK “folk singer”

Ed Laurie. The track “Albert” [Download]
was such a nice approximation of Leonard Cohen meets Gilberto Gil that it rightfully stoked a few fires in bloggers searching for tangible, authentic music. For now things have calmed down but expect to hear more from this artist as release date approaches.

In the meantime here are a couple demo’s. One from the new record and a bonus one that didn’t make the cut. As I’ve said before sometimes a demo is the best way to judge an artist. Stripped of any studio wizardry these songs are usually a good indication of whether the artist has the songs and the chops to succeed.

The new record, Meanwhile In The Park, comes out October 2 on Dangerbird. It was originally released in the UK in 2006.

Andalucia [Download]

Bonus demo

Midsummer’s Night Dream [Download]

And the title track from the new record

Meanwhile In The Park [Download]

One Response to “New songs/demo’s from Ed Laurie’s “Meanwhile In The Park (Dangerbird Records, Oct. 2)”

  1. Justin says:

    Awesome I really like those tracks. Never heard of him before.