Blue Friday with JJ Grey & Mofro (Alligator Records, Aug. 26)

There was a moment a couple of days ago when I thought I’d change the subtitle of this blog to “Songs:Illinois: The music blog for adults”. I may change it yet. JJ Grey & Mofro are certainly a band for adults. In a way that few bands are able to JJ Grey combines a blues, southern rock, and 60′s jam band mentality with that famous Muscle Shoals sound and even some New Orleans funk. Sounds impossible, right? But check out the title track to his new record Orange Blossums on Alligator Records and tell me I’m wrong?!

Buy Orange Blossums here.

Orange Blossums [Download]

JJ Grey talks about Orange Blossums

In itunes via Alligator

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  1. Pete Cavanaugh says:

    Great find!