Charlie Louvin – “Steps To Heaven” (Tompkins Square, Sept. 16)

I’ve said my piece on Charlie Louvin back in 2006 (here) when he released a comeback record of sorts on Tompkins Square. Now it’s two years later and Charlie’s back with another set of songs that reside in the hinterland where gospel and country music come together.

The new record is called Steps To Heaven and features a small traditional gospel choir of three sisters, pianist Derrick Lee, and Chris Scruggs (from Br549) on doghouse bass and guitar (more on Chris Scruggs over at Postmodern Sounds). The arrangement on “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” showcases Charlie’s 80 year old tenor vocals. His voice crackles and creaks like only an old man’s can, and when Charlie sings “I’m tired, I’m weak and I’m worn” you really can believe it.

Look, I’m an atheist and even I get a shiver down my spine when I hear great gospel music, so take my advice and pre-order Steps To Heaven now through Amazon here.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand [Download]

Bonus song from Chris Scruggs:

Wayfaring Stranger [Download]
(Courtesy of Postmodern Sounds)

3 Responses to “Charlie Louvin – “Steps To Heaven” (Tompkins Square, Sept. 16)”

  1. What struck me first was how young he sounds .. & then the simply brilliant sparse arrangement ..

    thanks so

  2. Airene says:

    Wow!! cool site.. Charlie Louvin is one of the favorite singer of my grandmother..

    We are happy!!!

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