Hal Ketchum’s new record “Father Time” (Curb Records, Sept. 9)

I’m not sure how Hal Ketchum wants to be marketed. His website and Myspace are a jumble of competing messages. Is he a rebel and not part of the Nashville circuit as his tattoo’s and honky-tonk appearance suggests or is he a well manicured product of the Nashville machine as his perfectly coiffed hair and scarf suggest.

I think he’s probably somewhere in between. Caught between no longer being a young rebel and not yet an old favorite. The new record Father Time positions him well though and the song “Millionaire’s Wife” with it’s catchy chorus and authentic banjo (and near gospel backing vocals) bridge that gap between fame/fortune and artistic merit. You can buy the new record here now.

Millionaire’s Wife [Download]

2 Responses to “Hal Ketchum’s new record “Father Time” (Curb Records, Sept. 9)”

  1. stephie says:

    Maybe he'll be marketed as drab middle of the road boredom

  2. craig says:

    that's a little harsh but I guess I set up the song and the artist to take a beating I don't think he/it deserves