Two more drinking (and driving) songs from Ashville’s best honky-tonk band Tony Wain And The Payne

One of my randomnest discoveries of earlier this year was the really rough and lofi honky-tonk of Tony Wain And The Payne (here). Their early demos were some of the least produced, most boozy, ramshackle gorgeous things I’ve ever heard. They’ve tightened things up just a bit and say they are going to release something this fall.

The band is the toast and pride of Ashville, NC. The band’s next show is at something called the Mellow Mushroom Halloween Blowout on Oct. 31. If you live within 200 miles I’d suggest you check it out. Here’s two new whiskey and beer drenched songs from the band.

Bullets And Beer [Download]

We Can Take My Car [Download]

6 Responses to “Two more drinking (and driving) songs from Ashville’s best honky-tonk band Tony Wain And The Payne”

  1. Rich says:

    I'd suggest you also check out Cary Fridley and Down South from Asheville. Really good roots music. I've been meaning to post about them for ages, and probably will this week since they'll be at a nearby folk festival (in Georgia) this weekend.

  2. Pingshifu says:

    Probably “Bullets and beer” instead of “Bullets and bear”… ;)

  3. craig says:

    that's the least of my problems, I spelled Payne wrong three times

    I corrected everything now

  4. lerjoy says:

    Also, like Rich says, it's asheville not ashville. ; )

  5. tony wain says:

    hey, tony here, we have tapes for sale. if you want to know any details about the tapes, then you'll have to write to me at our myspace page. tony wain and the payne is the correct spelling for your search.

    um, they're of the lo-fi variety of our recordings. i have over an hour of stuff and we continue to record in a similar fashion as we originally began recording.

    yeah, just write to me if you want one.

  6. Tex says:

    Dang. Missed em. Joseph Plunkett & The Weight were to show here but they bagged on it. Double dang.

    Great blog here pard. Keep it up.