Charlie Haden Family & Friends – “Ramblin’ Boy”

Charlie Haden may well be the best living bass player. But like Bill Frisell or Yo Yo Man he hasn’t ever settled to be simply the best at his instrument. Instead he’s explored different genre’s, textures and styles of music. He has used his music as both a personal and at times political platform. His new project is Charlie Haden Family & Friends’ Ramblin’ Boy.

If this note perfect rendition of the Carter Family song “Single Girl, Married Girl” is any indication Ramblin’ Boy sounds like a real gem. If you’re a fan of guests than you’ll be happy to know this one features the Haden triplets, Jack Black, Elvis Costello, Bruce Hornsby and Roseanne Cash. Amazon has a seven minute “making of” video here. And you can buy the record from Amazon here.

Single Girl, Married Girl [Download]

Petra Haden – “Single Girl, Married Girl”

2 Responses to “Charlie Haden Family & Friends – “Ramblin’ Boy””

  1. boyhowdy says:

    Is it just me, or was this album cover designed by the same person who designed the cover for this John Hiatt tribute?

  2. SF Dude says:

    I've met Charlie a few times now and he's a complete asshole. I wish it wasn't true, but it is. A real self-important dick.