Chicago singer-songwriter Martha Berner added to House Concert Lineup

I went through a very bad Martha Berner stage about two years ago. It bordered on obsession. But I’ve got it under control now (the restraining order helps). But like an alcoholic revisiting his favorite corner saloon I am going to face my problem head on when Martha plays our “Songs:Illinois Presents” house concert on Oct. 16. She’ll join Theater Fire in our living room for a semi private show. It’s like one of those secret MySpace shows where you don’t know the location til the last minute. This one’s invite only; although local readers of Songs:Illinois can attend (just email me at for more info).

Martha is one of those few singer-songwriters who is a triple threat – she’s got a great voice, is a tremendous songwriter, and knows her way around a guitar (and a good melody). Her song “Wait for Me” was recently featured on an episode of MTV’s Real World and she recently played several shows in Thailand including a “Sing For Free Burma” concert. She has traveled the world, most recently returning to St. Thomas (where she had lived for two years on a boat in her twenties) to play shows in and around the islands. We’re rather blessed that she’s based in Chicago and can play our little show.

Here’s just one of her memorable songs:

Down and Out In San Francisco [Download]

Martha Berner in St. Thomas

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  1. lena says:

    how did she have a inpact on chicago