K.C. Mckanzie (Berlin’s answer to Gillian Welch) and her new record “Hammer & Nails”

Starting every fall the release schedule for both major and minor releases starts to dry up. There’s a huge drop off as major labels get positioned for Christmas sales of their biggest titles and indie labels lick their wounds and prepare for a cold, dark winter. So I traditionally do a best of re-post kind of thing. A little like a best of but in no particular order and unlike any best of list you’re likely to see elsewhere. I’ll probably do that again this year, but I also will continue to search high and low, near and far, for new music to share with you. I searched far for the German singer-songwriter K.C. Mckanzie. And I’m glad I did.

K.C. Mckanzie’s new record is called Hammer & Nails. Her music can be traced back to the story of the first time she heard The Band and thought this is the sound. While still in her teens she discovered bluegrass and the rest is history. Here’s the lead off track from Hammer & Nails:

Adam [Download]

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