Lost Discs of 2008 – Rose Polenzani’s “When The River Meets The Sea”

I love Rose Polenzani. I love her goofy YouTube video’s. I love her songs. I love the fact that she’s got so many friends in the folk community. I love the fact that she’s from Boston (my hometown).

This new record has barely had time to be a “Lost Disc of 2008″ as it was just released nationally on Oct. 1. But even from the start it’s an under-the-radar record from and under-the-radar artist. This record has not appeared on any of the various release lists I peruse, yet it is one that I would value above many of the records that do make those lists.

Rose is joined by my favorite rag tag group of Boston musicians, Session Americana, on this record. They recorded it live in ex-Morphine leader Mark Sandman’s studio. Special guests include Jennifer Kimball and Anna Egge. When The River Meets The Sea is available now from Rose’s site here. Rose will support the release of this record with a mini tour in November. She’ll be stopping in Evanston on Nov. 16 to play a club called Space.

Queen Anne’s Lace [Download]

Bonus songs from Rose Polenzani

Book Of Love [Download]

Session Americana bonus mp3′s

Leather Winged Bat [Download]
(from their “family” record)
Caterpillar [Download]
(from their “family” record

Cigarettes and Whiskey [Download]

Sail Away Ladies [Download]

Rose on YouTube

“The Park”

“The Book Of Love” (Magnetic Field’s cover) (blooper reel)

Where Your Scar Is (With Anne Heaton)

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2 Responses to “Lost Discs of 2008 – Rose Polenzani’s “When The River Meets The Sea””

  1. muruch says:

    I'm glad to see someone else posting about Rose's music. :) She was a finalist in the Mountain Stage New Song competition, which is how I first heard about her.

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