New songs, record from Austin’s best kept secret – Dana Falconberry

From the little I heard from Dana Falconberry’s new record Oh Skies Of Grey I feared that perhaps she’d abandoned the sound and the intimate nature of her previous songs found on the her debut ep (here). But while there’s more layers to be found on this new record I suspect this is the sound Dana heard in her head all along. Only this time she’s got the backing of the excellent, but I’m sure perennially underfunded label, 00.02.59 Records. The presence of even a small budget has allowed her to expand her sonic pallet by adding glorious backing vocals, unusual percussion and a more loungy-folk sound that combines element of folk, jazz and blues.

“Do You” is an understated tour de force (if that’s even possible) that highlights her retro vocals and clever songwriting. Look, I’m biased `cause I love Dana Falconberry but you should really check this one out. Buy it here through her label.

Do You [Download]

Plus “Blue Umbrella”

2 Responses to “New songs, record from Austin’s best kept secret – Dana Falconberry”

  1. [...] Dana Falconberry is purrrrrtier than my girlfriend, and probably more talented, but I think I like her better as a friend who supplies me with songs that make my life feel like a children’s book while on acid (songs:Illinois) [...]

  2. Andy says:

    Wow! How have I never heard of Dana before? This is incredible music.