Anna Ash & The Family Tree (Ann Arbor Feature Day 3)

I had no idea that when I started this week it would turn into a feature on the small Michigan college town of Ann Arbor. Frontier Ruckus was the start of it all, followed by yesterdays post on Charlene Kaye. And unless something comes up at the last second Anna Ash & The Family Tree will be the last (unless you have any Ann Arbor band recommendations).

There’s a Mason Jennings album called Use Your Voice. I love the record, but I love the sentiment in the title more. If you’re a singer sing. If you’re not, then what are you doing in this racket. Anna Ashe can sing. Now, maybe her voice is slightly unusual, but she does so many interesting things with it in the course of just one song, that I for one, was entranced.

The new record is called Hello Friend (from bird above). Order it now from Cd Baby here.

Ann Marie (or a whispered lover overheard at the foot of the mountain) [Download]

The Birds Don’t Care [Download]


One Response to “Anna Ash & The Family Tree (Ann Arbor Feature Day 3)”

  1. snuffle says:

    Well, if you want to look up one more ann arbor band, there's one called tally hall (although they've moved to new york now). They started a few years ago. you can find them at

    They're pretty good. Although very different from Charlene, Anna or Frontier Ruckus.