bakelite 78 (plus jimbo mathus)

Bakelite 78 is performing tonight (last night…oops) at Fitzgeralds along with Black Bear Combo and Jimbo Mathus (from Squirrel Nut Zippers fame). I’ve written about Chicago’s Bakelite 78 in the past and am happy to update you on the status of their new record. It’s called Delta Disc and it was recorded in Como, Mississippi by Jimbo himself with funding from Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs. The band is surely one of the few to incorporate styles as diverse as blues, swing, cabaret, dixieland and country.

The record release party is tonight (oops…sorry but it was last night!)

Buy it here.

Darkness On The Delta [Download]

Scotch [Download]

Bonus track from Jim Mathus

The Stranger

One Response to “bakelite 78 (plus jimbo mathus)”

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh, love at first listen! These are the best kinds of finds: surprising and enchanting at the same time. You always have great stuff, but this is one of my favorites in a while. Thanks for sharing this!