Charlene Kaye – “Things I Will Need In The Past” (Self-released, Oct 10)

If Ann Arbor doesn’t become the next Brooklyn I’d be surprised. Whilst researching another band from Ann Arbor (who I hope to have for you tomorrow) I came across the new record from Charlene Kaye. The new record is called Things I Will Need In The Past and is as eclectic as her geographic identity (Honolulu, Phoenix and Ann Arbor). On the song “Skin And Bones” she impossibly mixes symphonic pop, with operatic folk and piano rock (a la Tori Amos).

If the whole record is like this (and I’m told it is) it should be one fine listen. PR flaks are always telling me that such and such are a “force to be reckoned with”. It’s an immediate turnoff but in this case it’s probably an apt description of Charlene Kaye. Buy the new record here through Cd Baby.

Skin and Bones [Download]

“Skin and Bones” video

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One Response to “Charlene Kaye – “Things I Will Need In The Past” (Self-released, Oct 10)”

  1. kjc says:

    I know Ann Arbor intimately. Oh that it were in any way Brooklynish.