Frontier Ruckus – A Uniquely American Folk Band (Quite Scientific, Nov. 6)

I was holding off on writing about Frontier Ruckus. I thought that by now the blogosphere would be abuzz with news/reviews/raves of their new record and debut lp Orion Songbook. But a quick perusal of and Hype show that that is simply not the case. Since I was responsible for bringing the band to Chicago to play a show at the dive of all dive bars – Cal’s, I consider it my duty to continue to write about this band.

The band’s website gives a clue as to what’s important to them. To get anywhere on the site you first have to click through page after page of song lyrics from this new record.

Frontier Ruckus are not an easy listen lyrically. The songs are stream of consciousness rants and choruses are few and far between. But when you back these lyrically complex and earnest tales of the country with mandolin, banjo, musical saw, acoustic guitar and an assortment of percussion you get a sound that is unlike any other. The record comes out Nov 6 but I’m sure you can pick it up now via the band’s label (and the pride of Michigan) – Quite Scientific [Download]

Orion Town 2 [Download]

“Animals Need Animals”

3 Responses to “Frontier Ruckus – A Uniquely American Folk Band (Quite Scientific, Nov. 6)”

  1. oz says:

    I think the album is on eMusic right now also. We just reviewed it as well, but it's a sleeper out there so far. The first 5 tracks are unstoppable.

  2. Bruce says:

    Nice call on this band. Very cool stuff.

  3. Woody says:

    Like the band as well, but placing Cal's above Ronny's on the hierarchy of dive bars. That's a tough call.