Indie Pop from Kevin McGrother

The minute I heard the title of the new record and saw that Kevin McGrother was an unrepentant indie popster I was intrigued. Living In An Enid Blyton World sounds like the best of British indie pop from the 80′s. Think Max Eider, The Housemartins, Jazz Butcher, Blue Aeroplanes, etc.

“Summer Starts on Sunday” has all the elements of a perfect indie pop song. It’s got slightly melancholy sound that is a perfect match for Kevin’s laconic vocals. The indie pop themes of simple love conquering all, the beauty of nature and the glories of summer are all present. This record deserves to be blogged about on each and every English music blog, indie pop blog, webzine and fanzine.

Buy it here.

Summer Starts On Sunday [Download]

One Response to “Indie Pop from Kevin McGrother”

  1. Twee Dull Dee says:

    Are you sure this isn't a parody? Its beyond trite.