Revisiting Rachel Harrington’s new disc “City Of Refuge”

One of the big events in the Songs:Illinois family is our the trip to the circus in 4 days. I know it’s 4 days away since my sons have been counting down since day twenty. If I played them this song they wouldn’t get it. They don’t see that the circus is also a sad, nearly tragic place. Even the best ones are constantly under attack from animal rights groups, the performers live the lives of gypsy’s, and it’s a commercial rat-trap with worthless toys and gadgets for sale around every corner (they love that part).

I wrote about Rachel Harrington’s new record City of Refuge in September and I’m still struck by the song “Housewife’s Lament” and now I’m awed by this one too. Rachel Harrington’s song “Under The Big Top” uses the high wire act as a metaphor for life and just hopes that someone will be there to catch her when she falls. You can order City Of Refuge here.

Under The Big Top [Download]


2 Responses to “Revisiting Rachel Harrington’s new disc “City Of Refuge””

  1. gr_store_feet says:

    Sounds like the same vein as Richard Thompson's “Wall of Death”

  2. rachelharrington says:

    thank you, illinois!