Best of 2008 Repost Series – Matt Keating “Quixotic”

Matt Keating’s 2 disc set Quixotic has been praised for its timeless mix of folk rock songs. I haven’t heard the whole thing but I’ll go out on a limb and call it one of the best records of the year. Here’s my original post about it from March:


Hey all,

How’s your week going? Mine’s OK. Thanks for asking.

I just heard about a new record from Matt Keating. It’s a double cd called Quixotic. Matt made a name for himself in the early 90′s with albums that resembled the crunchy power pop of Mathew Sweet. He’s mellowed over the years (haven’t we all?).

I can’t claim to give you a full assessment of the new record, but if you were a fan of power pop back then but now like your music at a slightly less frenetic pace than you should look into Quixotic from Matt Keating.

St Cloud [Download]

Bonus track:

Who Knew [Download]


On a completely unrelated note, there’s a new record by The Waybacks out now on Compass Records. The song “Good Enough” is a good example of their easy rockin’ acoustic country sound. You can buy the new record, Loaded, here.

Good Enough [Download]

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  1. Orange-Minz says:

    this song is really refreshing….never heard of them before…great sound, thx!