Eleni Mandell – “Artificial Fire” (Feb. 17, Zedtone)

(This isn’t the photo that goes along with Eleni’s new sound but it’s the one I like the best)

If there weren’t already several competent women centered music blogs I might just be tempted to start one. While some of the guys I post about sometimes fade into the woodwork I rarely forget about the women artists I feature here. Eleni Mandell is one such woman who I’ve covered in the past and occasionally check in on to keep up to date with what she is doing.

In the past I’ve liked her smokey, loungy chanteuse kinda thang (think Suzanne Vega, Aimee Mann). Her new record is called Artificial Fire and on it she has changed gears somewhat and beefed up her sound. Artificial Fire is out in February on Zedtone and very clearly ups the ante by adding more electric guitars and a rocking sound.

Bigger Burn [Download]

“Girls” video from her last record

4 Responses to “Eleni Mandell – “Artificial Fire” (Feb. 17, Zedtone)”

  1. This is lovely – thanks

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  3. Brad Meador says:


    Thanks for turning me on to some great music over the last year or so. Eleni Mandell has become one of my faves since reading this post. Her show last night in San Francisco was awesome.

    Have a good one,


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