Miss Lana Rebel – “All I Need” (Self-released, 2008)

I’m so excited about the new record from Lana Rebel of Juanita Family (here) and Last Of The Juanitas fame that I couldn’t wait `til honky-tonk Friday to post “Loneliest Love Song” from her 2008 release All I Need.

The new record is a combination of various dustbowl styles from folk to pure country, above it all hovers Ms. Lana’s wonderful rich voice. The songs I’ve heard from this record don’t have that hard edged honky tonk sound. Which is fine by me. Instead they all sound a little resigned, reserved and refined. This record certainly deserves to be in the most overlooked and deserving records of the year category. Pick it up now through CD Baby here.

Loneliest Love Song [Download]


Road Song [Download]

Double special bonus from Juanita Family & Friends featuring Lana Rebel

Son of Mehitabel [Download]


One Response to “Miss Lana Rebel – “All I Need” (Self-released, 2008)”

  1. Josh Vanek says:

    Great review! One clarifier: Wantage USA released this record along with Lana's Family Plan label, so it's not a self-released job.

    More information's available at: