Swedish indie pop from The Bridal Shop (Plastilina Records, Feb. 2009)

When you write 600 or so music blog posts a year it’s sometimes hard to find a way to single one out as something special. Luckily I have another platform or two when I think something is truly deserving. So today’s band/song will both appear on Swedesplease and be part of this month’s upcoming M.A.P. post. I can’t say enough good things about the Swedish pop band The Bridal Shop. I think they perfectly meld the sounds of electronic pop of the 80′s with shoegaze of the 90′s and indie from the 00′s. In other words they’re the complete package.

Their Peruvian label (I know that’s kind of a weird locale for a Swedish group) deserves kudos as well for releasing some of the best indie pop this side of Cloudberry. This song is from the band’s Plastilina Records mini album called In Fragments coming out in February of 2009.

The Ideal State (originally released on a Happy Robots’ [Download]


Violation [Download]

Marine Thing [Download]


One Response to “Swedish indie pop from The Bridal Shop (Plastilina Records, Feb. 2009)”

  1. Foreigner says:

    I used to love them very much. It's a nostalgia for me