The Balky Mules – “The Length Of The Rail” (Fat Cat, Dec. 4)

Fat Cat Records in the UK reminds me a lot of present day Sub Pop here in the states. They release whatever the hell they want regardless of genre and regardless of commercial success. The new record out on Fat Cat by The Balky Mules (Sam Jones from Movietone) is an example of a record that will surely fail by all of the normal measurable stats. But artistically it’s a completely different story.

“Range” from The Length Of The Rail has a little bit of that Jonathan Richman sweetness and naivety mixed with a slightly twee assortment of lyrics about CSNY, “99 Red Balloons, and “beans and egg and hash”. Musically it’s got just enough oddball percussion and catchy folk guitar riffs to be perfect for repeat listens. Although this is out now it’s very hard to find on the Fat Cat Records site. Good luck tracking this one down!

Range [Download]


One Response to “The Balky Mules – “The Length Of The Rail” (Fat Cat, Dec. 4)”

  1. apb says:

    This record is slated for release March 24 2008, by no means is it out now