Butterflies – “Nothing’s Personal” (Trekky Records, Nov. 18)

Trekky Records is based in Ashville, NC as is the band Butterflies. You can hear the local influences on the song “Mind Games”. “Mind Games” is ostensibly an indie rock song but it adds a little local color with a lovely lilting fiddle intro.

Nothing’s Personal is the new record from Butterflies. It came out on November 18 and it’d be a shame if it got lost in the Christmas shuffle of box sets and ridiculously bad major label product.

Mind Games [Download]

2 Responses to “Butterflies – “Nothing’s Personal” (Trekky Records, Nov. 18)”

  1. Shannon says:

    What a pretty selection! I love the fiddle intro — it reminded me a bit of the theme song for Deadwood, and that made me smile.

  2. josh says:

    Hey, Shannon, thanks for the feedback. Have you had a chance to check out any of our other songs?

    Also, songs:illinois, thanks for the write-up.