Honky Tonk Friday with the True Historians

I don’t think of Chicago as a honky-tonk city. But perhaps it should be as we have such crappy weather, an abundance of dive bars and a history of once being a Western cow town. Chicago’s own True Historians play some pretty righteous honky-tonk. The lead vocalist has a nice nasally Buddy Holly delivery and the musicians are mostly made up of top notch players from Texas.

The band has just released their debut self-titled record and it’s just what you might expect from a group of hard drinkin’ Texans. Buy it here.

Mopin Around [Download]

Right Back In Your Arms [Download]

P.S. I was putting together a post on the Knoxville based folk/swing/1920′s band Christabel and the Jons when I came across a fine review already published by A Fifty Cent Lighter and Whiskey Buzz so I’m just going to give that post an amen! and link to it here.

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  1. nelson529 says:

    Thanks for the link…

    I've tried to pass a few back your way this week too.

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