iPhone App Review – American Public Radio’s “Public Radio Tuner”

This will probably be my first and last iPhone App Review. I first downloaded the APR (American Public Radio) Public Radio Tuner about 2 weeks ago. What a mess it was. Great idea (streaming radio on the iPhone), but bad, nearly impossible implementation. However the wonder of the iPhone and its App Store being what it is today there was an update and now I’m completely hooked.

The tuner allows you to listen to streams of any APR station (and there’s a bunch). With 3G this means you could listen while driving, in the airport, or in the comfort of your living room with an audio cord hooked up to your stereo. You can let the iPhone Radio Tuner search for all the local stations within 50 miles, or search by state or call letter. At the moment I’ve favorited WWOZ, WXPN, WETS, WUMB, KDHX and a few more (but not KRCW! bah humbug on them!). What would you listen to if you had your drothers and the constraints of geography wasn’t a concern?

When something like this comes along one can really start to see which direction convergence and the digital world will take over the next few years. And it’s not hard drive based or even Blu Ray video for that matter. Here’s all the pertinent info.

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3 Responses to “iPhone App Review – American Public Radio’s “Public Radio Tuner””

  1. nelson529 says:

    Just got word today that my station, WDVX out of Knoxville, is looking into doing this in the near future. Hopefully, we'll have it going by the time Luminescent Orchestrii plays our live concert series in February.

  2. Can you KDVS out of Davis, CA and the Cool As Folk show?

  3. Rekha says:

    Hello – thanks for your review. It's great to see which stations you're particularly enjoying, too. I'm working with the groups collaborating on the latest release: National Public Radio, American Public Media, Public Radio International, Public Interactive, and Public Radio Exchange.

    I thought you might want to know about the project Web site, http://www.publicradiotuner.org. Any public radio station is welcome to be in the Tuner. We encourage people to contact stations directly to request that they submit their streams!

    Public Radio Exchange