{MP3} Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles “The Stars Are Out” (Sugarhill Records, March 24)

I was impressed by and wrote about the last Sarah Borges record. It was fairly straight forward and slightly on the raw side which I liked. I didn’t think she had an outstanding voice or the best songs. But I respected her ballsy presentation of a guitar wielding woman fronted band. The promise from that last record doesn’t seem to have been played out on her latest. The new record is called The Stars Are Out and is due out March 24 on Sugarhill Records.

Perhaps I’m having a jaded, seen it all, heard it all, kind of morning but it just seems like all the passion from the first record has been sucked out and replaced with smoothed and rounded edges. Here’s an atmospheric reverb laced ballad from “The Stars Are Out”. Decide for yourself.

No One Will Ever Love You [Download]

Bonus song from Diamonds In the Dark

The Day We Met [Download]


6 Responses to “{MP3} Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles “The Stars Are Out” (Sugarhill Records, March 24)”

  1. nelson529 says:

    This song seems nice enough… but “nice” isn't what I need from Sarah. I need her to bring a little fire. Give me “Same Old 45″ from Silver City over this any day.

    I'll still check out the new album and hope it still has a few rough edges. Have you heard the whole thing or just this one track?

  2. muruch says:

    Hmm…I agree w/ your take and the comment above. The song is pretty, but lifeless compared to the band's previous recordings. I haven't heard the whole album yet, so there's still hope.

  3. craig says:

    i heard a few more including the single but didn't think it fair to link to that but it was a little overblown/overproduced imho

  4. DaveZeman says:

    Love her stuff for a long time since I ran into her on MySpace.


  5. Like Craig – having heard a few tracks – I don't think the passion of this CD can be determined through this one cut.

    Reserve judgement until you here the entire thing.

  6. mondragonmoe says:

    No One Will Ever Love You is a cover of a Magnetic Fields song. Did she do a great job? No, but you should check out the Magnetic Fields…much better!