Honky-Tonk Friday w/Whitey Morgan and the 78′s

As their bio implicitly points out. Whitey Morgan is no Nashvegas country pop star. He’s the antithesis to everything that’s happening in Nashville. It’s fitting then that he and his band is based in Flint, Michigan. Flint is as depressed and in need of a solid drink of whiskey as any city in the US. Imagine how bad it was when the film Roger and Me came out and now multiply that by ten or even a hundred. The city and that entire region is ravaged by the recession. Whitey Morgan and the 78′s acknowledge this in their country songs and play a brand of honky-tonk that can address some of these subjects while at the same time playing music that’ll knock you on your ass and then have you up and dancing again.

Here’s crazy off the band’s 2008 release Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels:

Crazy [Download]

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  1. I really dig this band. Check out their live stuff on the LMA…