{MP3} Neal Casal – “Roots & Wings” (Fargo Records, Feb. 9)

Neal Casal has attained more fame from his association with Ryan Adams than from any of his solo recordings/tours. The man produced some of the great americana rock of the 90′s and continues to record solo albums that are solid works of songcraft (wrote about his earlier work here and here). His new record is out soon in Europe on Fargo Records but is also available now on his website here.

The word is that this record is more acoustic and folk rock rather than gritty alt-country. On the song “Here By The Sea” from Roots & Wings you get a good taste of what the whole record must be like with it’s gentle acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies (reminiscent of The Jayhawks or Mathew Sweet) and occasional electric guitar/pedal steel weaving its way in and out of the mix. I’m a big fan and you should be too.

Here By The Sea [Download]

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One Response to “{MP3} Neal Casal – “Roots & Wings” (Fargo Records, Feb. 9)”

  1. Sam Pierre says:

    The CD is already out in France and, I agree, it's a good one.