{MP3} Noelie McDonnell – “Nearly Four” off of Beyond Hard Places

Here’s a song by Noelie McDonnell from Ireland that I think my 4 year old and 8 year old could both relate to. Noelie is a pretty big name in the UK as his record has been atop their iTunes folk chart for a while now. He’s yet to crack into the US market but he’s poised to. His new record Beyond Hard Places came out towards the end of 2008. It’s available through CD Baby here.

“Nearly Four” is a cute little song about a toddler (Noelie’s son) that name drops “Ben 10″, Batman, and Mystic Force while listing the ways this little boy is all grown up (or at least “nearly four”). Noelie’s been described as a combination of John Prine, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan but I hear more Damien Dempsey, David Gray, Damien Rice and Mark Geary. He’ll be in the US to attend Folk Alliance and also has some choice opening dates for Greg Brown in Minneapolis in February.

Nearly Four [Download]

Feet First [Download]

“Nearly Four” video

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One Response to “{MP3} Noelie McDonnell – “Nearly Four” off of Beyond Hard Places”

  1. Mark says:

    We saw Noelie in concert, where he performed this song here in the U.S. The song is actually about his nephew. He has no kids