Friends of Songs:Illinois

I need a small favor ( a little love!) from regular, committed readers to this blog. I’m not sure how many of you there are but any help you can give would be appreciated. You see Hype Machine (the blog aggregator that many music blogs get traffic from) has changed some of it’s settings. For this blog to be listed there it needs to be in the top 100. That’s measured by a combination of Technorati links, Delicious bookmarks and “watchers” on Hype Machine. If you can help me out by linking to or bookmarking my blog from any of these services that’d be much appreciated.

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  1. boyhowdy says:

    I noticed that had happened…and though I recognize that the new system probably cost some bloggers like you some eyes, I'm sorry, but that doesn't mean I believe the system is worth reinforcing by gaming it.

    Instead, I think the whole change is a sad, sorry mess, one which I cannot support.

    Consider: The new system REINFORCES the status of the top 100 by exposing ONLY them, and by making the smaller blogs (thousands of them) harder to find, and thus makes it that much harder for blogs to come in and out of that 100. In other words: such infrastructures weaken the small to add value to the strong. Sure, such infrastructures abound more and more online. But I believe they represent the commodification of the caste system of the web, and will ultimately reinforce the current status quo at the risk of slowing down evolution and change.

    Don;t get me wrong: I love that, as a reaction, a few dozen people have immediately added me to their favorites list. But this is small consolation for a system that only lets YOU get more hits by letting you “beat” and then obscure others vying for the top 100. I'm sorry, but I believe that this sort of competitive system is inherently anti-web, antithetical to the very nature of the social ebb and flow that make the internet what it is, and constantly improving and self-correcting.

    That it also means less ad-wealth going to smaller blogs, and more going to bigger blogs, is part and parcel, if only a symptom of my real concern of social eye-awareness and visiting.

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  3. gerd says:

    i `m from germany, so my english isn`t good
    but i can say you
    your blog is one of best and i love it
    and I look at it every day to learn more about music


  4. Linda says:

    Fine idea — I hope you'll do the same for my blog.

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