Michelle Shocked – Soul Of My Soul (Mighty Sound Records, May 12)

Anyone my age who had a broad interest in music probably has a Michelle Shocked story. Whether it was seeing her live or simply being struck by those darned crickets in her debut release. She was surprisingly successful for a few years back in the late 80′s. I only say surprisingly because her music was so great but also so rural that her success was a complete anomaly.

Over the last decade or so she has been an outsider, experimenting with various genre’s and sounds (most recently reggae and gospel). While her new record, Soul Of My Soul, doesn’t return her completely to her roots, it is more accessible than recent works and probably more palatable to her early fans. The song “Pompeii” takes jabs at the US way of life with it’s failed democracy and corporate hegemony but it does so with a tropical beat, soothing backup singers, and her new “soul” sound.

Pompeii [Download]

“Other People” video


One Response to “Michelle Shocked – Soul Of My Soul (Mighty Sound Records, May 12)”

  1. Dave Zeman says:

    Nicely written… yes that first cd… incredible… funny how that happens that an artist reaches the top and never really gets there totally again… i.e. Carol King Tapestry