{MP3} Jill Sobule – “California Years” (Pinko Records, April 14)

Jill Sobule’s all grown up. She’s given up on the label system and like several of the artists this week is releasing a fan funded record on her own label. I’ve never been a big fan of Jill Sobule (I liked her “hits” as much as the next guy though) but since Songs:Illinois’ mission statement is to support artists that are independent and doing it mostly themselves I can’t help but do a post on this new record.

California Years comes out April 14 on Jill’s own label. The song “San Francisco” continues to explore the lesbian characters and relationships Jill Sobule has spotlighted her entire career. While “Good Life” is a quirky little tale of love populated with aliens, earthquakes, and total armageddon. The record was produced by Don Was. So even though it’s diy its still got great sound.

Pre-order the new record here.

San Francisco [Download]


A Good Life [Download]

More about Jill’s new fan funded record via CNN:

P.S. Jill Sobule temporarily replaced “Honky Tonk Friday” so if you need your fill check out the songs posted by Aquarium Drunkard from the new compilation God Less America.

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One Response to “{MP3} Jill Sobule – “California Years” (Pinko Records, April 14)”

  1. Grover Bennett says:

    Say what now? The lyrics of “San Francisco” contain nothing about lesbian identity or relationships.