{MP3} Po’ Girl – New Record – “Deer In The Night” (Self, April/May)

Wow! Sometimes it’s a real struggle finding something you guys might like. My first problem is I picture you as a horde of very tough critics who come to Songs:Illinois for a very specific sound or at least a certain feel. The second problem is my very strict, self-imposed posting criteria. In a nutshell I like the mp3′s I post to be the first, legal sampling of a new release you’re going to find on the web.

Long story short. Here’s some new music by Vancouver’s eclectic folk/jazz duo Po’ Girl. Their new album Deer In The Night comes out in April in the US and May in Europe. It was recorded in Austin and has a rootsy and soulful sound. “Gandy Dancer” highlights the gypsy influences of the band while “Dig Me A Hole” somehow marries jazz (clarinet) with bluegrass (banjo).

Pre-order the new record here.

Gandy Dancer [Download]

Dig [Download]


5 Responses to “{MP3} Po’ Girl – New Record – “Deer In The Night” (Self, April/May)”

  1. adorno says:

    “I like the mp3’s I post to be the first, legal sampling of a new release you’re going to find on the web.”

    Epic Fail on that count huh

  2. cbonnell says:

    no, actually, not really

  3. JGB says:

    I just want to thank you for this music blog. I've been following it for more than a year now, and it is far and away my favorite. It would be difficult to list all the musicians I've discovered as a result of your posts. Thank you.

  4. Aimz says:

    Po' Girl is fantastic! I saw them play last year with the Sadies and their collective musicianship blew my mind. So talented! I also saw Alison from Po' Girl sing with the Sadies on New Years Eve. I love this band.

  5. boyhowdy says:

    Not sure what Adorno's got in mind, as I think you do very well on this standard, Craig.

    No one can promise to do this all the time, of course, nor should they — exclusive exclusivity is an impossibility, and ultimately skipping something because some obscure, hardly-noticed blogger (ahem) managed a rare exclusive does a disservice to those who come to your blog first and foremost. Also, of course, supporting the blog community and the music community together is easier if you're willing to help your fans find others, through the occasional repost with credit-where-credit-is-due.

    But a very high percentage of what I find here is not yet “out there”, and if the occasional post is the second or third share of something, then I think that helps with buzz. I'd encourage you not to be shy with that occasional “second”, on behalf of artists and fans everywhere — after all, we should never assume that a given fan reads the same SET of blogs, and “me too” means something when it comes from a voice we've learned to trust, such as your own.