The Bobby Mcgee’s new single “L.O.V.E.” (Twee As Fuck Record, May 9)

I have a huge space in my heart for indie pop and twee. I don’t post about it much since Skatterbrain and Indie MP3 have the genre pretty well covered. But I must share with you a new song from one of my favorite British twee pop bands – The Bobby Mcgee’s.

I first heard of the band when I stumbled upon their Star Wars song here and it’s been love at first sight ever since. The band’s new song “L.O.V.E. is available as a 7″ single from Twee As Fuck Records. Despite it’s title the song is an anti-love tirade equating love to losing your dignity, your freedom, and your pornography collection. You’re gonna wanna get the vinyl 7″ since it’ll no doubt be a limited edition collectors item (the artwork in and of itself is stellar).

L.O.V.E. [Download]


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