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King Wilkie Presents The King Wilkie Singers

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

King Wilkie is another in a long line of newgrassy groups. Their new record is called King Wilkie Presents the Wilkie Family Singers. The song “Sun and Moon” is over before it truly starts and is framed by a recording of feet entering and then leaving a room. The new project is a concept record that’s modus operandi reminds one a little of the back story of Sgt Pepper’s.

Special guests on the new one include Robyn Hitchcock, Abigail Washburn and Peter Rowan. All In all it’s an adventurous undertaking and shows real risk taking and nerve.

Sun And Moon [Download]

Bonus back catalog:

40 West [Download]

Broke Down and Lonesome [Download]

Lee and Paige [Download]

Drifting Away [Download]

The return of the dB’s (sort of) – “Here And Now” (Bar/None Record, June 9)

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I may not be the most rabid dB’s fan on the internet. Nor the most knowledgable. But goddamn it I’m first to the party and that should count for something. Man I loved their power pop meets punk meets jangly southern rock sound.

Here’s the title track plus an unreleased b-side from the upcoming Bar/None project from Stamey and Holsapple. The new record is called Here and Now and comes out on Bar/None June 9.

Here and Now [Download]


From A Window To A Scream [Download]

—Tour Dates

Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey

June 8, 2009 Arlington, VA Iota
June 9, 2009 New York, NY City Winery
June 27, 2009 Carrboro, NC Cat’S Cradle
July 4, 2009 Durham, NC Enofest
July 10, 2009 Asheville, NC Grey Eagle
July 11, 2009 Nashville, TN The Basement
July 29, 2009 Durham, NC Duke Gardens

{MP3} New Orleans Twofer – New records from Luke Winslow-King and Buckwheat Zydeco

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

I can’t imagine anyone being left cold by the music that comes out of New Orleans. That town simply has the funk (and the gospel, blues, roots, etc). I love it when bands use the old New Orleans musical gumbo and mix it in with a little of the new. Like Luke Winslow-King. Fox on a Hill is the new record from Luke.

As April Is To May [Download]

Whereas “As April Is to May” subtly incorporates New Orleans rhythms and beats, Buckweat Zydeco’s new record, Lay Your Burden Down, is the whole (proverbial) hog. This song with it’s allusion to the Ninth Quarter is the single from his latest release out now on Alligator.

Ninth Place [Download]

New song from Sweden’s All Girl Group – Liechtenstein

Friday, May 15th, 2009

A lot has been written about the new record from Liechtenstein. The all girl group from Sweden released the song “Roses In the Park” from their new record Survival Strategies In A Modern World earlier this month. And it got a lot of attention from the blogs. However no one dug any deeper into the record so here I go.

“All At Once” has a pretty solid beat that is accompanied by an almost surf like rock guitar and chanted vocals that remind me more of singing monks than the oft compared Vivian Girls. It’s the amount of reverb and many layers of vocals that set this song apart from the indie pop or c86 bands Liechtenstein are often compared to. Survival Strategies… is available on June 12 via Slumberland Records and May 26 on Fraction Discs.

All At Once [Download]


Roses In The Park [Download]

Stalking Skills [Download]

{MP3} Gina Villalobos – “Day On Their Side” (Face West, July 12)(plus Hype Machine radio)

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

So I’m back from LA. Did you miss me? Anyway. I’m back and better than ever. Or not. We’ll see.

One of my most highly anticipated records of the year from the alt-country genre is Gina Villalobos‘ record Days On Their Side due out July 12.

Here’s the title track. Of course it’s only a small sample of the new record but through it you will hopefully get the gist. And if you don’t I’d namedrop Lucinda Williams and Kathleen Edwards as contemporaries who are also able to sound both tough and emotionally frail at the same time.

Days On Their Side [Download]


On a side note, before I left for L.A. I recorded an interview and picked a couple of tracks for Hype Radio wearing my Swedesplease hat. I’m in the beginning of the show after the Akron Family song.

{MP3} New record/song from Jason Myles Goss

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Just a quick post today since I’m getting ready go on vacation to LA. I’ll be not posting for the next week or so but you can follow my inane observations about LaLa land over at Twitter.

Jason Myles Goss is a Boston based folkie whose music features just enough interesting arrangements, lyrical ingenue, and eclectic instruments to capture my attention. His new record, A Plea For Dreamland, will be out in June and he is celebrating with a show at Club Passim on June 13.

Mississippi Red [Download]

I’m jumping on The Western States bandwagon (plus something from Hiss Golden Messenger)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I’d like to second the opinion of my friends over at Captain’s Dead, The Late Greats and Hero Hill and point you to the excellent Canadian americana band The Western States.

I don’t have anything special to add to the discussion, but if there can be hundreds of posts about Passion Pit than there can at least be a handful about The Western States. I really loved the band’s last record and when the song “Diane” pops up on shuffle I’m still amazed a song of such high caliber came from a band so relatively unknown. The band’s new record was recorded in Austin Tx and has a very strong alt-country feel with plenty of pedal steel and a loose, under-produced demeanor. It was recorded straight to analog tape and has a warm vibe. It’s called Bye and Bye and is available here.

Time To Loose [Download]


P.S. I got an email yesterday from the band Hiss Golden Messenger with a song from their upcoming record Country Hai East Cotton. It’s all I’ve ever heard from the band but we share a set of common influences and musical preferences. “Isobel” begins as simply another song about a girl performed by a guy with a guitar (not that I don’t love songs like that) but it doesn’t stay like that for long as it builds into a rollicking soulful number with organ, drums, and strings.

Isobel [Download]

{MP3} Salim Nourallah – “Constellation” (Tapate Records, March 26)

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I was first introduced to Salim Nourallah by way of his group Nourallah Brothers that he had with his brother Faris. Ever since hearing that record I’ve tried to keep up with the output from both brothers. But it’s become increasingly difficult as Salim’s records become harder to find and Faris’ recording output continues to slow. Take for instance Salim Nourallah’s new record Constellation (produced by Austin based singer-songwriter Billy Harvey). There’s no mention of it on his website (which actually hasn’t been updated since 2007). And only a cursory mention on his blog and is only widely available on the German label Tapate Records. The record, like other stuff from Salim, is very personal pop music. It deals with the struggles of his childhood, his feelings of alienation, and a little bit of his life in Texas (as an outsider).

I’m drawn to the song “Western Hills” as it’s a completely autobiographical tale of growing up with his dysfunctional family. Listen to the lyrics and enjoy the sumptious pop sounds Salim surrounds them with. Buy Constellation here from Dallas’ Good Records.

Western Hills [Download]
(highly recommended)

Bonus track

It’s Not Enough [Download]

P.S. Btw there’s an excellent YouTube video bio of Salim here.

P.P.S Whenever I do a Salim post I always link to his back catalog songs since they’re timeless and to encourage you to track down all of his solo records. They are a joy to behold.

Don’t Be Afraid [Download]

All Waste [Download]

1978 [Download]

A Way To Your Heart [Download]

W/Nourallah Brothers

Missing You [Download]

I’ll Be Around [Download]

Those Days Are Gone [Download]


Madame Pamita’s Wax Works

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Madame Pamita
is a strange duck. I’m sure she’d have no problem with that statement. Here’s a modern woman living in California who has recorded her new record on wax cylinders (ironically the same songs have been digitized and are for sale at a name your own price on her website). Furthermore at her live shows she dons a mystical outfit and reads fortunes of her audience members all the while strumming her ukelele and singing her odd songs. Her songs and those she chooses to cover are about sex, drugs, and not really rock `n’ roll (but plenty of references to death and prison and liquor).

In a world where everyone is doing some semblance of the same old thing Madame Pamita is a breath of fresh air. Her new record Madame Pamita’s Wax Works can be picked up here (comes with a fortune, a good luck penny from the 1800′s and an origami made by Pamita).

He’s In The Jailhouse Now [Download]

Cocaine [Download]

“Pink Pocketbook”