Honky-Tonk Friday (1 Day Early) – Brooklyn’s I’ll Be John Brown

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Brooklyn is the home of some pretty kick ass alt-country/honky-tonk bands. I’ll Be John Brown is one of the latest additions to a thriving scene. Their new self-titled CD is out now and available from CD Baby here.

The band’s song “My New South” reminds me of some of the cowpunk from the 80′s (like some of the stuff by The Dead Milkmen). The band definitely infuses their twangy country with equal parts punk rock energy. “My New South” is the band’s dream vision of what the South could be like with lines like “billboards will be kindling”, “people of all colors will be all better bowlers and you’ll rarely see a cop”, “courtesy will be a cash crop and the last Walmart burns to the ground”.

The band has what sounds to be a great show coming up at the Living Room on July 4.

My New South [Download]

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